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Carnivorous Plants Glow to Attract Prey

Jul 11 2014 08:57 PM | Sukhoidave in Articles

Posted by Mollie Bloudoff-Indeclcato on February 25, 2013 to newswatch.nationalgeographic.com

Carnivorous plants have an arsenal of tricks to entice insects into their clutches. These predatory plants have been known to use bright colors, delicious nectars, and appealing smells to make quick meals of the bugs that come to investigate—but no one knew they could also glow a bright blue.

Posted Image

The pitcher plant Nepenthes khasiana glows blue. Photograph courtesy Rajani Kurup, Anil J. Johnson, Sreethu Sankar, and Sabulal Baby

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Carnivorous Plant Keeps House With Ants

Jul 11 2014 07:53 PM | Sukhoidave in Articles

Fanged pitcher plants provide home for ants that get their hosts more nutrients.
Article by Jane J. Lee - National Geographic published May 22, 2013.

Posted Image

A diving ant walks along the tendril of a pitcher plant in Borneo. Photograph by Mark Moffet/Minden Pictures/Corbis.

Deep in a forest on the island of Borneo, an ant wanders around on a carnivorous plant, seemingly courting a grisly death. But new research shows that the diving ant (Camponotus schmitzi) has nothing to fear from the fanged pitcher plant (Nepenthes bicalcarata), because the two organisms need each other alive.
Posted Image
Insects inside a pitcher plant
Photograph by Mark Moffet/Minden Pictures/Corbis.

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Peat bog as big as England found in Congo

Jul 10 2014 05:01 PM | Sukhoidave in Articles

Swamp thought to contain billions of tonnes of peat dating back 10,000 years will offer window on Africa's past, say experts.

Article by: David Smith, Africa Correspondent - The Guardian,
Tuesday 27 May 2014 17.55 EDT

Posted Image

Scientists say investigating the carbon-rich material could shed light on 10,000 years of environmental change in the region. Photograph: Simon Lewis

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Jail door might slam shut on Venus flytrap thieves

Jun 04 2014 10:59 AM | Jake in Articles

By Tara Jeffries
RALEIGH, N.C. — A measure that strengthens the penalty for stealing Venus flytrap plants sailed through the House Judiciary C Committee on Wednesday.
The bill ramps up the punishment for stealing the plants from a misdemeanor fine to a Class H felony, which could result in jail time even for first-time offenders.

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Exploring the Inner World of Carnivorous Plants

May 30 2014 06:50 AM | Jake in Non Forum News

Professor Enrico Coen from the John Innes Centre has been awarded €2.5M EU funding to explore the growth and evolution of carnivorous plants.

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